Frequently Asked Questions

"How much to stipple my Glock 19?"

Pricing is broken down on the order form. Modifications are priced individually, you just select the options you want, add up the total, apply any labor discounts (25% for LE/Military, 10% for Practially Tactical listeners, etc...) optional triggers or Cerakote, and Ta da!

"Can I send my gun to you via US Mail?"

No. Private parties can NOT sent handguns/serialized receivers via US Mail. You must use FedEx, UPS, or some private currier. 


"What is the turn around time? When will my frame be done?"

Once the shipment of your firearm or grip is received, lead time varies on my work load and can vary from 2 weeks to a little over a month. Occasionally, depending on the availability of the bench & the work requested, local or smaller frame pistols may be turned around sooner. Please do not repeatedly message or email asking when it will be done if its been less than a month since your payment was processed.

"I tried to stipple my gun myself, can you fix it?"

Depends. Reworking a frame is done on a case by case basis. It all depends on its condition. If there is texture in weird places I wouldn't normally put texture, or there are trigger guard undercuts done too thin, I probably will decline working on it to be able to maintain the standard I am comfortable with. If you have a frame and were curious, please send a few good pictures to me at: nafgripsolutions@gmail.com

"I saw this sweet frame that _________ company did, can you do the same thing for me?"

Sorry, no. I will not copy or replicate someone else's style or look. I have tremendous respect and good relations with many other frame work guys/companies and I will not purposefully rip them off or step on someones toes. I have my style at my price point.

"Can you stipple my Cerakoted frame?"

Yes. But, anywhere gripwork is done the Cerakote will need to be removed and will be black again, giving your frame a two-tone look. If you would like your frame re-coated we can do that for an additional cost for a more finished look.

"Whats the difference between 'Index Markers' & 'Stabilizer Cuts'"?

"Index Markers" are textured patches above the front of the trigger guard, utilized for additional grip and muscle memory for trigger disciple. The "Stabilizer Cuts" have Angled ledges cut underneath for applying downward pressure during recoil, similar to other companies.

"Can I still use after market magwells?"

Yes you can! I can even fit them on grip chops. If you already have one please end it along with your frame because it sometimes may require fitting or specific boarder placement.

"Are there any polymer frames you don't work on?"

Very very few. I mostly work on Glocks, but often also work on Smith & Wesson M&P, and XD frames. But I can and also will work on, Keltec, Sig Sauer, CZ, HK, Taurus, Magpul, Lonewolf, FN, and DB products.

"Couldn't I just get some laser stippling?"

You could, but you won't get the same benefits. While laser stippling can look really good, it is just that, looks. You will not get the same benefits of ergonomics from undercuts and finger groove removals, function from magazine release and stablilizer cuts, and improved texture on the front and back strap because laser stippling is limited to the side panels. The best things in the world are hand made anyway.


If your queston was not answered above, please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

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