1. Ship your frame via UPS or FedEx with direct signature confrimation. Do NOT ship a handgun via USPS; only federally licensed dealers may ship a handgun by USPS.

Address the package to:

NAF Solutions LLC

2445 Commodore Blvd

West Melbourne FL 32904.

2. Do NOT send your frame in the factory box. this will also save you money on shipping due to size/weight. Please ship in the smallest package possible. The package also must NOT bear any markings that indicate the identity of the contents is a firearm.

3. Enclose a completed copy of the order form, a photocopy of your state issued ID and or Carry Permit, NAF Solutions’ FFL, and any proof of employment for discounts.

4. When the shipping provider asks what are the contents, tell them it is either an “Incomplete, non functioning firearm”, or "Polymer Handgun Grips" and they shouldn’t require you to overnight it.


Returning Your Frame:

ATF does allow me to ship your frame directly back to your home. To prevent illegal transfers, your state issued photo ID or Concealed Carry Permit must reflect your current residence; if it doesn't, I will need to ship your frame to a FFL dealer local to you, where you will be subject to a background check and the dealer’s transfer fees. Please include the name and contact information of the FFL dealer you would like it sent to.

If you are in California, and it needs to be returned though a dealer, I will need to obtain a Shipment Approval Number from the CA DOJ.

If you are active military stationed somewhere, please include official documentation showing where you are stationed, and your address on location. NO P.O. boxes. We will return ship with adult signature confirmation. Direct shipments to customers will be returned through FedEx, shipments returned to dealers will be through USPS flat rate boxes. If you are not home when they attempt to deliver, you may have to pick up the package at a local location.